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On the photo: Romantic couple photoshoot in Venice with San Giorgio Maggiore and Gondolas in the background.

I created this page to answer all the main questions you might have about couple photo shoots in Venice. Here you'll find information about the top 10 instagrammable photo locations in Venice, when it's better to plan your Venice photoshoot, and what to wear, how to propose in Venice, and if it's worth doing a gondola ride with a photographer. Pay attention to my photographs, you'll find many couple photo ideas in the best spots in Venice.
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proposal with diamond ring in venice during holiday in italy photoshoot venice
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why venice is a perfect destination for your anniversary / honeymoon / engagement photoshoot?

It's a unique city on the water that was built for nobles' vacations. Venice has a unique charm that makes you feel special. The stunning buildings lining the Grand Canal are not just nice, but magnificent! Moving around the city is only possible by boat or foot, making it an unparalleled experience. The Venetian style is different from everything else. Even a casual photoshoot in Venice has a wow effect. You can feel luxury and romance in the air.
I do recommend staying in Venice for at least two nights (I listed the most photogenic palace hotels here). This way you can enjoy live music on San Marco square after twilight when the majority of tourists go back to other cities, you really need to feel this magical atmosphere, believe me. I'll be honored to shoot the best moments of your holidays in Venice and I'll help you to experience the city to the full. A couple photo shoot is always the best souvenir that you can bring with you. Nothing reminds you of your happy vacation as much as professional photos of the real you.

is venice a good place to propose?

Definitely! I've already planned and photographed many different magical proposals in Venice and other places in Italy. It's surely the most difficult kind of photoshoot, but undoubtedly my favorite. I do want everyone to live this special moment as magically as I did thanks to my partner. The photos and videos we have are the best memory I could wish to have from that day. I won't even tell you how often I watch them. I'll be honored to take the proposal planning and photography in Venice on me. You'll need to relax and trust me. To know more about personalized proposals in Venice, click here or leave me a message in the contact form.

photo shoot wedding proposal in venice italy punta della doganawedding proposal ring in venice couple photoshoot italy

are you a LGBTQ+ friendly photographer in Venice?

Love is love. I'll be happy to do your same-sex couple photoshoot in Venice: contact me for your proposal, wedding, elopement, engagement, or any other kind of photoshoot.

lesbian proposal in gondola in venice italy photographer italy lgbt

what is the best time of the day to do your photoshoot in venice?

I'll explain to you what you should know before booking a photographer in Venice or any other famous location.

  • The light
  • The atmosphere on the photo depends a lot on the light. The skin tone is always more magical a couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset. It's the exact time when you have soft colors and romantic photos. You can google the day of the year and the name of the city to know the exact sunset and sunrise hours.
    holiday in venice with a photographer for surprise wedding proposal in gondola
    stylish fashion couple photoshoot in venice in luxury shop dior italy
    couple photoshoot wedding by professional photographer
    I know how to work with the most difficult daylight too. The colors are more vivid and bright, but it's a little trickier to do close portraits.
    romantic couple in ponte dei sospiri bridge of sighs italy venice photographerphoto models canals of venice and gondole photoshoot italy
    In winter you're a bit luckier and the daylight isn't that harsh, so you can take nice photos during the day as well.
    And if the weather is cloudy, it's actually amazing for a day photoshoot cause you won't have panda eyes even if you can do a photoshoot only at midday.
    The vibe of nasty weather shootings in Venice is more sensual and intimate. I honestly love it so much.
    A not very popular but an extremely beautiful option is a twilight or night photoshoot in Venice. That's probably one of the few moments when you can feel the atmosphere like hundreds of years ago, you'll feel like in a movie. Be ready that some photos might be blurry, but the night effect makes it even more mystical and charming.
    twilight night sensual sexy couple photoshoot venice professional photographer book
    piazza san marco square st mark venice photographer photoshoot in italy sunset couple
    photoshoot of couple in twilight after sunset in venice in piazza san marco st mark square

  • The crowd
  • Only at sunrise, you can really experience pure Venetian beauty. The city will be all to yourself, we can take photos anywhere we want without thinking of thousands of tourists around. In any other part of the day, you'll have some people in your photos, but I always try to do my best to not include them as much as I can.
    Couple photo shoot in venice photographer piazza san marco palazzo ducale arcades
    couple photoshoot venice photographer italy 15
    Now you know when to take the best photos in Venice. But if you're flexible with hours, I'll help you to choose the right photoshoot time depending on your preferable locations and ideas.

    should we include gondola ride in our couple photoshoot in venice?

    If you plan to do a gondola tour in Venice, then, yes. Otherwise, you'll have a few selfies that don't convey all the beauty of such a unique experience. Once after a photoshoot outside Venice, a couple texted me the next day, sending their photo taken by a gondolier where their legs and the most beautiful part of the gondola were cut, what a fail. The girl told me that this "masterpiece" photo was possible to be sent only to me as a photographer to laugh and to her mom, because mom is mom, you know.

    which locations are the best for a couple photoshoot in venice?

    1. Saint Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
    2. Undoubtedly the most beautiful area of Venice is Saint Mark's Square. It consists of several museums and palaces, the main church of the city, and the Venetian lagoon. Believe me, to cover all corners of the square we need from 1 to 2 hours, it's reasonably one of the dreamiest photoshoot locations in the world.
      amazing view of san marco square with couple photographer venice
      happy couple during photosession in piazza san marco venice italy
      in red dress early morning san marco square photoshoot venice
      couple proposal photoshoot piazza san marco st mark square italy
      basilica of san marco photoshoot in venice italy book a photographer for armenian engagement wedding elopement
      couple in holiday venice venezia photographer photoshoot

    3. Gondolas
    4. That's a total Venetian must-do. I dedicated a whole article to the masterpiece boats, have a look for the best gondola couple and girls' photo ideas here.
      book photographer photoshoot in venice italylovely romantic couple photo in gondola photographer venice

    5. View over San Giorgio Maggiore
    6. One more must-photo spot in Venice is the view over San Giorgio Maggiore island near gondolas parking. It has such a typical Venetian atmosphere, that I can't not to photograph my models there. couple photoshoot with roses and violinist organized by photographer

    7. Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri)
    8. If to forget the fact that it's named this way because for the Ventian prisoners it was the last window to see the world, it's a very beautiful architectural building. However, I wouldn't recommend doing a proposal with this bridge at the background.
      bridge of sighs in venice ponte dei sospiri photoshoot photographer italy
      bridge of sighs in venice ponte dei sospiri photoshoot photographer italy faded effect

    9. Florian Caffè
    10. The oldest luxury coffeeshop in Venice opened in 1720 still has a chic vibe of the time. Highly recommended to visit it. More photos you can see on the page dedicated to historic palaces.
      photoshoot of couple during honeymoon anniversary in venice italy in florian historical cafe
      florian cafe photoshoot amazing couple during their holiday in italy venice
      couple photoshoot in luxury historical florian cafe venice italy

    11. Santa Maria della Salute church
    12. One of the most scenographic photo spots in Venice is the gorgeous Santa Maria della Salute church. It's not that easy to get a nice picture with the church, but the best ones are usually made from gondolas, Academia bridge, bars-terraces of luxury hotels like St Regis, Gritti, and Bauer, and gondola/vaporetto stations. I also like to photograph my couples from San Marco square with a little Santa Maria della Salute in the background.
      kiss in venice photoshoot romantic couple wedding proposal
      riva degli schiavoni sunset photoshoot venice honeymoon couple view santa maria della salute church
      couple sunset in gondola in venice during marriage proposal

    13. Rialto Bridge
    14. It certainly has its one charm and attracts many photo lovers from all over the world.
      gondola rialto bridge couple kiss each other during photoshoot in venice
      young couple photoshoot rialto bridge photographer venice italy
      ponte di rialto photoshoot venice rialto bridge couple photographer venice

    15. Historical palaces and hotels
    16. Why not? Feel like a movie star in Venice, it's a super romantic idea for a photo. I dedicated a whole article to the most instagrammable hotels-palaces in Venice.
      couple photoshoot in historical amazing hotel palazzo danieli venice
      couple proposal in palace venice italy photoshoot by anastasiia romashova

    17. Cute bridges
    18. You can't go home from Venice without photos with cute little bridges over canals and its stairs. That's so Venetian.
      book a couple photoshoot with violinist in venice and flowers roses
      bridge in venice of couple over the canal photoshoot
      photoshoot of wedding proposal alex polina in venice alleys italy

    19. Water canals
    20. The soul of Venice is in its narrow canals, further you go from San Marco square, the more you will feel like local. An aperitif with a glass of wine or Aperol Spritz with a view over the canals is a good photo idea in Venice.
    canals of venice italy photo by photographer anastasiia romashova
    wedding couple walking in venice during photoshoot in venice canals
    couple dorso duro photographer photoshoot canals venice
    Now you know the photo locations in Venice that shouldn't be missed during a couple photoshoot. I'll make sure that during our photoshoot we cover all the gorgeous places in the city. Let me know when are you planning to come to Venice in the contact form below.

    What do I wear to a photoshoot in Venice?

    punta della dogana photographer venice italy couple kiss each other after proposal Having a fashion degree, I'll be extremely happy to consult you on the best outfits that flatter your body and skin tone type. My clients receive a comprehensive guide titled "HOW TO GET READY FOR A PHOTOSHOOT," which provides them with specific instructions, so they know exactly what and how they should do to achieve the best photoshoot result. Once they've received the guide, I ask them to send me options from their wardrobes or local stores, and I provide feedback on what will look best in Venice. Believe me that not all beautiful dresses are ideal for photoshoots. The outfit selection is influenced by the photoshoot's concept, which we discuss ahead of time.
    Overall, I prefer sophisticated attire for my photoshoots. For girls, long dresses with emphasized waistlines always look chic and have a stunning impact in Venice photoshoots. However, if you prefer a more casual look, that's perfectly acceptable, although it will have a different effect on the photos.
    renting ruffle dress photoshoot venice italy piazza san marco photographer venice Shoes make the difference. One girl was traveling with only two pairs of sneakers and casual clothes, but the wanted a romantic intimate photoshoot. I told her that she would never get the result she wanted in sneakers, I urgently made her buy a pair of elegant high heels and she couldn't stop to thank me. She said I was the first photographer after two previous photoshoots in Italy that explained to her that detail. My role is to make clear what is better to wear or not to wear for your photoshoot in Venice.
    honeymoon couple amazing photoshoot in venice near gondola My favorite colors for a photo shoot in Venice are rich red, emerald, orange, and pink, I also recommend vibrant pastel colors for a more romantic look. Black and white are tricky and don't look good in every photoshoot occasion. I would also avoid prints, the only ones that suit Venice well are stripes, laces, and polka dots.
    Long sleeves shirts, elegant jackets, or turtlenecks are my favorite variant for men. But remember, if you have your personal style, feel brave to express it. And don't worry, I'll always help you to choose the right outfit. Remember, that you should feel comfortable and beautiful in your outfit. If it's a cold period, I love how scarfs and different layers look like in photos. I'm also a big fan of hats, I have a collection of them.
    My tip for Venice outfits: don't be shy to choose a gorgeous dress, where to wear it if not in Venice? And if you always dreamt of a photoshoot in Carnival dresses in Venice, we can do it, I know some nice places where to rent them.

    why to choose me as your professional venice photographer?

    couple eating ice cream in venice photoshoot photographer venice italy Congratulations! By landing on this page, you've likely come to the realization that phone selfies don't do justice to the stunning city of love, and you're now searching for the perfect destination couple photographer in Venice. Discover why you're fortunate to have found me and why I'm the right choice for your dream couple photoshoot in Venice by reading more about me clicking here.
    The majority of my clients don't know how to pose and feel a bit awkward in front of the camera before a photoshoot with me, but with my expertise, they obtain stunning photos they're thrilled with. Not only do they end up with gorgeous pictures, but they also acquire valuable posing skills for everyday life. Some of my more advanced couples even request private photography lessons in Venice to learn my tips for taking fantastic phone pictures of each other without any breakup risk.
    My clients appreciate me a lot because I know how to make couples feel comfortable during photoshoots in Venice, you can read amazing feedback from my clients here.

    If you really like my photography style and personality I'll be happy to catch your special moment in Venice or in any other place in Italy or who knows...all over the world!

    Ready to create an unforgettable experience together? Leave me a message in the contact form below.
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